Version 2.0 coming soon

Dear all,

In the next weeks I will provide a new, fully re-engineered version 2.0 of the Friendica App on the Windows Phone platform through the Windows Store. A lot of things have changed since my last update to version 1.2 on 25th January 2015:

Windows universe has itself evolved to Windows 10 and has been installed on millions of desktop devices up to now due to the free of charge upgrade offer. The first phone devices with the new Windows 10 Mobile are now in trade, the upgrade for existing phones is planned for the next weeks.

Windows 10 is now supporting the new type of “Universal Application Platform” apps. This enables new apps, which are running on many different form factors from Mobile devices over desktops/laptops to even Xbox, Wearables and the new Augmented Reality device Hololens with the same code. Additionally my coding skills and knowledge have improved much in the last two years. So I have decided to write “Friendica Mobile” new from scratch to comply with coding best practices and to support the new possibilities from the new Windows universe.

These are some of the new improvements:
  • You can now choose between ordering the timeline postings by posting time (like in the old version) or by conversations
  • New posts are marked with white frames
  • Notifications to inform you on new posting do not need to have a plugin installed on your server anymore
  • You can answer directly to new posts from the notifications
  • The editor for new postings shows now directly the effect of your text formatting activities (no BBCODE-Tags anymore in the box) and you can now insert lists and hyperlinks. In comments you can add images.
  • You can quote passages from the conversation history by selecting the posting.
  • You can start a new posting by dropping content from another app to Friendica Mobile (on desktop devices only).
  • The app can list the groups you have created on your server. Furthermore you can now create new or delete groups as well as changing the containing users directly from the app.

Best regards,