Version 2.1: new module for private messages

Hi everyone,

The new Version 2.1 of Friendica Mobile is available in the Windows Store since this week. There is now a new module for reading and writing of private messages to your contacts. Additionally you can find all your messages containing a specific text and you can delete conversations.

Here is a screenshot, which shows 3 sample conversations in the Desktop version of the app:

And here you can see the search mode. It shows the results of the search and the conversation containing the selected found message on the right side:

Additionally the app can notify you on new private messages even if the app is not running. The check for new messages has the same rhythm as the check for new posts from your friends. You can answer the message directly within Windows Action Center without needing to open the app (however, without formatting options). You can disable the notification text if you do not want that it is shown as a notification on your device. This is a privacy Feature, because the notification text could be read by strangers without unlocking the device.

I hope you like the way how you can deal with private messages in the Windows 10 app. Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,