Version 2.3: new module for displaying profile data

Hi everyone,

The new version 2.3 of Friendica Mobile brings a new module for displaying your own profile data. You know Friendica has a different concept for granting access to personal information about your person: you have at least one profile which is publicly visible to everyone. In addition to this public profile, you can create as much private profiles with different content as you like. Each of this private profiles can be granted access for different contacts. You can even use different profile images for each profile.

You can display all of your profiles with the containing personal information about you in Friendica Mobile:

The same in Windows 10 Mobile:Bild/Foto

You can display all allowed contacts for the selected private profile.

For the moment you can only view the data of your existing profiles. You need to use the webbrowser for creating new profiles, deleting profiles or changing information. These functions and the upload function for new Profile images are on the roadmap for future versions of Friendica Mobile.

Please note: you need at least version 3.5.1 on your Friendica server for displaying profile information. 3.5.1 is planned to be released at year end 2016.

Another minor update in version 2.3: I have improved the display of unicode emoticons. &.#128586; now shows a monkey 🙊 in Friendica Mobile.

I hope you like the improvements in 2.3, I am looking forward to any feedback from you.

Kind regards,