Version 2.5: new module for RSS feed posts

Hi everyone,

I am using several RSS feeds in my account – Austrian television ORF, international news from, technology portal etc. Friendica is somehow a RSS reader for me to see the news headlines of the day.

But this had two negative impacts for me:
1) I get some dozens of posts from the RSS feeds per day. It was very difficult to identify real posts from friends or forum accounts between all the feed posts. I am sure, I have overlooked some interesting posts in the past.
2) When receiving notifications I often do not have enough time to read the posts in detail. So I want to mark them 'unread' for reading them later. But they are automatically marked as 'seen' when retrieving them from the server.

So I have created a new module within Friendica Mobile. The app now separates the network posts between real network posts from friends/forums and RSS posts, displaying the RSS posts in a new separate module. The app marks internally the posts as 'unread' until the user is marking them actively as read.

The following screenshot shows that the tablet mode on my Surface Pro opens the linked webpage in a nice splitscreen:

During the implementation of this separation, I have also improved the general speed of displaying the posts in the app. Furthermore, the user now can forward RSS feed posts to other contacts with the retweet button.

I hope, you will find the new module as useful as I do. Comments welcome!

Kind regards,