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Tutorial video channel on Youtube

Hi everyone,

I have now created a channel on YouTube for tutorial videos on the Friendica Mobile app:

Friendica Mobile

YouTube: Friendica Mobile: Introduction to Windows App (Friendica Mobile)

The first video is an introduction to the app and the installation. It explains the navigation and shows a special feature of the mobile version. You will see how to enable the counter of new elements on the lockscreen of your device.

YouTube: Friendica Mobile: Create A Demo Account On (Friendica Mobile)

The second video explains how to setup a test account on the demo server


I hope you will find the videos helpful. Please subscribe to my channel to not miss future videos on Friendica Mobile.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5.5: bugfixes

Hi everyone,

the last version had some bugs causing the app to crash. Retweeting newsfeed posts is now working again. And the Background task checking for new items to notify will not crash anymore when there are no new private messages on the server.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5.4: support for live tiles

Hi everyone,

the unique element of Windows (Mobile) distinguishing it from Android and iOS is the use of live tiles in the start menu, showing content from the app to the user without running the app.

Friendica Mobile now shows you up to five of the newest unread RSS feed posts as live tiles in the start menu, if you have activated to receive only one notification when new RSS feed posts arrive on your server (Settings/Notifications). You will need to enlarge the app icon to medium, wide or large to see the content.

The image is showing the large tile in action, displaying a post from ORF online RSS feed. It is just flipping from the image included in the post to the text.

There is no communication with Microsoft servers, the app is asking your Friendica server on new posts in the background and provides the information directly to the tile.

I hope you like this nice feature.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5.3: error in tablet mode corrected

Hi everyone,

the last Version 2.5.2 had an error when the app is used on a device in tablet mode (e.g. a Surface tablet). It showed black text on black background in the navigation area. The update with the corrected navigation background started to roll-out today.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5.2: new Windows 10 design

Hi again,

Microsoft has announced the new Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 some days ago (version 1709).

This new version includes some new design elements on the Desktop devices, called the "Fluent design", which I have now included to Friendica Mobile, too. It has now an acrylic Background in the navigation area and light effects when hovering over buttons and other elements. To get the new design effects you can update your Windows 10 Desktop to the new Fall Creators Update manually (or wait for the automatic update rollout).

I have decided to stop supporting older Windows 10 Version previous to the Creators Update (Version 1703). You can still use Friendica Mobile on older Windows 10 versions, but they will not get any new functions or updates in the future.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5.2: improved background notifications

Hi everyone,

I have improved the code for the background notifications. It is now better secured against crashes of the service and therefore avoids duplicated notifications.

When you have multiple RSS feed accounts, it can be annoying to receive a notification for each RSS feed item. Now you can disable this in the Settings section to get only one single notification on each background run when you have received one or more RSS feed items.

Kind regards,


Version 2.5: new module for RSS feed posts

Hi everyone,

I am using several RSS feeds in my account – Austrian television ORF, international news from, technology portal etc. Friendica is somehow a RSS reader for me to see the news headlines of the day.

But this had two negative impacts for me:
1) I get some dozens of posts from the RSS feeds per day. It was very difficult to identify real posts from friends or forum accounts between all the feed posts. I am sure, I have overlooked some interesting posts in the past.
2) When receiving notifications I often do not have enough time to read the posts in detail. So I want to mark them 'unread' for reading them later. But they are automatically marked as 'seen' when retrieving them from the server.

So I have created a new module within Friendica Mobile. The app now separates the network posts between real network posts from friends/forums and RSS posts, displaying the RSS posts in a new separate module. The app marks internally the posts as 'unread' until the user is marking them actively as read.

The following screenshot shows that the tablet mode on my Surface Pro opens the linked webpage in a nice splitscreen:

During the implementation of this separation, I have also improved the general speed of displaying the posts in the app. Furthermore, the user now can forward RSS feed posts to other contacts with the retweet button.

I hope, you will find the new module as useful as I do. Comments welcome!

Kind regards,


Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen

Moin @Friendica Mobil Support, ich habe das selbe Problem wie schon @Richard, nur das ich die App auf meinem Handy (Windows 10) installiert habe. Bei Angabe der korrekten Zugangsdaten und Serveradresse kommt die Fehlermeldung "Authentifizierung auf dem angegebenen Server ist fehlgeschlagen.". Mit den selben Zugangsdaten kann ich mich aber problemlos via Webbrowser anmelden. Habt Ihr da eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?


ich denke es liegt tatsächlich nur an der Länge. Ich habe jetzt mal ein bisschen mit den Passwörtern herumprobiert, Klein- und Großbuchstaben werden genauso akzeptiert wie Zahlen und Sonderzeichen. Nur wenn das Passwort länger als 14 Zeichen wird, schlägt die Anmeldung fehl - allerdings auch nur via Friendica Mobile, via Browser kann ich mich mit jedem Passwort anmelden. An Sonderzeichen haben ich Doppelpunkt, Punkt, Komma & Ausrufezeichen getestet.


Hallo Florian,

ich habe mir das mal angeschaut. Ich hatte eine unerwartete Fehlermeldung als Dialogbox erhalten, daher habe ich den Testablauf etwas angepasst, um ein mögliches Caching zu vermeiden. Nun funktioniert es bei mir auch mit längeren Passwörtern ('12345678901234567890' hat geklappt).

Eine neue Version 2.5.1 wird in den nächsten Tagen online gestellt. Bitte teste ob bei dir längere Passwörter auch funktionieren, sobald die neue Version verfügbar ist (Achtung: die heute online gegangene Version 2.5.0 hat dieses Patch noch nicht).



Login nicht möglich

Hallo @Friendica Mobile Support habe mir gerade die App aufm PC installiert aber das Login klappt nicht. Habe schon mit und ohne https und mit und ohne www versucht
Habe jetzt
sudo a2enmod dav
sudo a2enmod dav_fs
Webserver neu gestartet

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

gemacht aber ich schätze das wars noch nicht

Wennich auf der Seite gehe bleibt die Eingabe, wie im Video zu sehen ist, wirkungslos obwohl die Daten richtig sind.

YouTube: Jul 27, 2017 4:37 PM (Friendica - Meld)


Friendica 3.5.2 released

Friendica 3.5.2 has been released some days ago.

In addition to many improvements in communication with other networks or the Web front-end, this new version now supports the photo module, recently added to Friendica Mobile. Please update your server to the new Friendica version to get the new feature in the app.


Version 2.4: new module for managing photos

Hi everyone,

The new version 2.4 of Friendica Mobile brings a new module for managing your photoalbums and photos. This modul allows you to:
  • Create, delete or change photoalbums
  • Upload existing photos from your device or new photos from the camera
  • Be creative and write or paint something on your pictures
  • Create new sketches or paintings on blank drawing sheets
  • Edit, move and delete your photos
  • Create profile pictures from existing or new pictures
  • Print photos

This is the look of an album with the containing photos on a Windows 10 Desktop:

And this is the inking area where you can paint on photos:

The app is a Universal Windows App, so it run on different device types. This is the look on Windows 10 Mobile devices:

Some remarks regarding the photo permission management in the app:
  • When loading a new photo from your device the standard permissions are by default the same as you have defined as standard permissions for new posts in the apps settings.
  • When changing permissions of a photo already existing on your server, the app will by default delete the photo from server and re-upload it as a new photo. This is to prevent unwished side effects in access permissions (Friendica has still issues with federating ACL changes to contacts). But the app allows the user to overrule this.

Please note: you need at least version 3.5.2 on your Friendica server for managing your photos. 3.5.2 is planned to be released end of May 2017.

I hope you enjoy the new photo management, I am looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,


Version 2.3.1: bugfixes

Version 2.3.1 of Friendica Mobile has passed the Store certification and is currently rolling out to users. This version fixes the bug mentioned yesterday with retrieving conversation from Friendica servers updated to the new Friendica version 3.5.1.

The other bug with profiles is still open.


Friendica 3.5.1 released - bugs identified

Friendica 3.5.1 has been released some days ago. There is currently a bug when retrieving conversations. I am currently working on a bufix and will release it in the next days.

Another issue arise with the new module for displaying of profile data: the server returns a BadRequestException error message. I have identified the issue and now I am checking how quickly we can provide the bugfix in Friendica 3.5.1 (into master branch of github).


Version 2.3: new module for displaying profile data

Hi everyone,

The new version 2.3 of Friendica Mobile brings a new module for displaying your own profile data. You know Friendica has a different concept for granting access to personal information about your person: you have at least one profile which is publicly visible to everyone. In addition to this public profile, you can create as much private profiles with different content as you like. Each of this private profiles can be granted access for different contacts. You can even use different profile images for each profile.

You can display all of your profiles with the containing personal information about you in Friendica Mobile:

The same in Windows 10 Mobile:Image/Photo

You can display all allowed contacts for the selected private profile.

For the moment you can only view the data of your existing profiles. You need to use the webbrowser for creating new profiles, deleting profiles or changing information. These functions and the upload function for new Profile images are on the roadmap for future versions of Friendica Mobile.

Please note: you need at least version 3.5.1 on your Friendica server for displaying profile information. 3.5.1 is planned to be released at year end 2016.

Another minor update in version 2.3: I have improved the display of unicode emoticons. &.#128586; now shows a monkey 🙊 in Friendica Mobile.

I hope you like the improvements in 2.3, I am looking forward to any feedback from you.

Kind regards,


Version 2.2: likes/dislikes for posts now possible

Hi everyone,

the new version 2.2 of Friendica Mobile now shows the list of users who liked or disliked posts and comments. And you can now mark a post or comment with your like or dislike directly from app.


This function needs some API calls on your server, which will be introduced with the upcoming new Friendica Version 3.5 (as of today you will need to load the branch 3.5rc from github, 3.5 should be released officially in branch master in the next weeks).

I hope you like this important improvement of the app, looking forward to any Feedback from you.

Best regards,

Beim Testen habe ich jetzt festgestellt, dass Kachel sehr wohl aktualisiert wird. Im Hintergrund scheint die App durchaus aktiv zu sein. Ich bekomme auch die Meldungen über neue Kommentare oder Beiträge. Nur zum Lesen muss ich aktuell den Browser verwenden.

Gruß Jörg

Nachdem ich jetzt meinen Knoten noch einmal komplett neu aufgesetzt habe, läuft alles wie gewünscht. Vielen Danl an Gerhard für diesen praktischen Windows-Client.
Ich bin gepannt auf die nächsten Neuerungen. :-D


Version 2.1: new module for private messages

Hi everyone,

The new Version 2.1 of Friendica Mobile is available in the Windows Store since this week. There is now a new module for reading and writing of private messages to your contacts. Additionally you can find all your messages containing a specific text and you can delete conversations.

Here is a screenshot, which shows 3 sample conversations in the Desktop version of the app:

And here you can see the search mode. It shows the results of the search and the conversation containing the selected found message on the right side:

Additionally the app can notify you on new private messages even if the app is not running. The check for new messages has the same rhythm as the check for new posts from your friends. You can answer the message directly within Windows Action Center without needing to open the app (however, without formatting options). You can disable the notification text if you do not want that it is shown as a notification on your device. This is a privacy Feature, because the notification text could be read by strangers without unlocking the device.

I hope you like the way how you can deal with private messages in the Windows 10 app. Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,


Version 2.0 now available in Windows Store

Hi everyone,

I am proud to announce that the new version 2.0 of my Friendica app for Windows is now available in the Windows Store. Here is the link to the Store:

Friendica Mobile

As it is now a Universal Windows app, you can use the app on Windows Mobile as well as on all Windows 10 desktop PC's or Tablets out there. See my announcement here some weeks ago for the functions included in the new version.

I am looking Forward to your feedback on the new app and your wishes for the next steps.

Best regards,


Language support

Hi everyone,

the old Friendica App for Windows Phone 8 was only available in the languages German, English and Spanish. For the new Windows 10 version of the Friendica App I have [b]added French, Portuguese, Italian{/b].

German is my mother tongue, for English I have translated it on my own. But, I do not speak the other languages, so I used the machine-translation from the Bing Translator service for them. Machine-translation works meanwhile very well, but is still not perfect. If you find a text in the app, which has been translated misleading or difficult to read in your mother language, you can post it here and I will change it.

Are you missing your mother tongue? Post it here and I will add it, if it is available in the Bing Translator service.

Enjoy/Genießt/Disfrutar/Profitez/Aproveite/Godetevi Friendica with my app!


Version 2.0 coming soon

Dear all,

In the next weeks I will provide a new, fully re-engineered version 2.0 of the Friendica App on the Windows Phone platform through the Windows Store. A lot of things have changed since my last update to version 1.2 on 25th January 2015:

Windows universe has itself evolved to Windows 10 and has been installed on millions of desktop devices up to now due to the free of charge upgrade offer. The first phone devices with the new Windows 10 Mobile are now in trade, the upgrade for existing phones is planned for the next weeks.

Windows 10 is now supporting the new type of “Universal Application Platform” apps. This enables new apps, which are running on many different form factors from Mobile devices over desktops/laptops to even Xbox, Wearables and the new Augmented Reality device Hololens with the same code. Additionally my coding skills and knowledge have improved much in the last two years. So I have decided to write “Friendica Mobile” new from scratch to comply with coding best practices and to support the new possibilities from the new Windows universe.

These are some of the new improvements:
  • You can now choose between ordering the timeline postings by posting time (like in the old version) or by conversations
  • New posts are marked with white frames
  • Notifications to inform you on new posting do not need to have a plugin installed on your server anymore
  • You can answer directly to new posts from the notifications
  • The editor for new postings shows now directly the effect of your text formatting activities (no BBCODE-Tags anymore in the box) and you can now insert lists and hyperlinks. In comments you can add images.
  • You can quote passages from the conversation history by selecting the posting.
  • You can start a new posting by dropping content from another app to Friendica Mobile (on desktop devices only).
  • The app can list the groups you have created on your server. Furthermore you can now create new or delete groups as well as changing the containing users directly from the app.

Best regards,